May 28, 2012

Steve Antti Band

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Click here to download If We Walk in the Light Vol 1 & 2 from iTunes.


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New CD “If We Walk In the Light”  This CD is a recording of  all the memory verses from the book “Experiencing God”  by Henry Blackaby. It has a variety of flavors from Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Country, Alternative Folk . This CD will help you memorize scripture verses as you are driving down the road or taking a walk. God put on my heart to write songs that will stay deep in our hearts and be food for our soul. This is a 2 CD set with 21 songs.

Click here to download the songs and videos from Reverbnation


CD Chosen Generation  This worship CD has songs from a variety of experiences  that God has brought me through. These 12 songs proclaim how good He is and how faithful He is to carry us when we feel we can’t go any further. Let us find joy in our praise. May these songs encourage you to enjoy Him with His gift of worship through music which He created for His glory and we get to find pleasure. This is my prayer that you find all you are looking for as you give Him praise.

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