Download my new Album "Lead the Way" featuring the song "My God He's So Good"

"Nobody Out"

A new song I just wrote down in Salina Cruz at Punta Conejo. Very uncrowded. I am surfing with just a couple of friends in amazing surf.

"Oh Child"

Cover of the song "Oh Child" from the 70's by the Five Stairsteps

Your Song

Cover of Elton John's "Your Song"

Attitude is Everything

Check out this great video

Surfing the Jetty

Do, Do, Do, Surfing the Jetty with all my friends!

Steve Antti, Matt Basson, Gary Santo Pietro, Little Italy

Here is a demo of us playing in Little Italy. There are about 15 songs with 15 second clips of each one

Punta Conejo

Punta Conejo a video about my surf trip deep down in Mexico.

My God He's So Good

Playing at the Rock Point Loma

Surfing the Jetty

Title song from my new Album 'Surfing the Jetty"


Video of the song  "Nicaragua "I wrote down surfing in Nicaragua last summer .

My God He's So Good

We have been singing this song all over the place and see a lot of people dancing and smiling!

I am the Vine

"I am the Vine" live video from the men of the Rock at Point Loma.

It's a Sunny Day

Video of a song I wrote called "It's a Sunny Day" The students are from Mt Everest Academy where I used to teach school.

Praise Him Here

Here is a video of me surfing at Lowers. The song "Praise Him Here" from my CD "Lead the Way"  is playing in the background.

This is My Country

I wrote this song because I Love my country! I pray that we all can have thanks in our hearts for this beautiful place!

Herk Boris Trailblazers

Here is my brother and I playing the school song I wrote called "Herk Boris Trailblazers" at his school in Menifee CA.